3D Gallery V

Colossal Transducer
Micro Block Assembly
Life of a Spore
Quadratic Sunset
Organic Stretch
Cellular Imprinting
Curved Cubics III
Curved Cubics IV
Curved Cubics V
Boxed and Curved
Menger Microcosm
Untitled 33
Guost of the Past
MidspaceTraces II
Hyperoctahedral Construct
Digitized Thought
Colors of the Sea
Sliced and Entangled
Boxed and Configured
Kleinian At Rest
Untitled 33
Untitled 33t
Untitled 33
Dark Pinball Wizard
Forms in White
Untitled 34
Eyeballs Deep
Sythetically Serine
Lucid Sub-buoyancy
Untitled 35
Untitiled 35
Untitled 36